Basismodul I => Algebra I

Both, Uebung and Zentraluebung start on Monday, 10/24. However,

we plan a Welcome Meeting on Monday, 10/17 at 10-12 in A3/019.

There, we are going to explain what to expect from the Algebra I course, how it works, and how to gain credits.

Please register in the CM system AND (even more important) in the Whiteboard system.

1) VORLESUNG = Lectures:
The lectures are only available as videos streamed from the VBrick platform. The links will be provided below. These videos had been recorded during the Algebra I class 2021/22. Additionally, we will provide screenshots from the blackboards; they provide a higher resolution than the videos.
These videos are the core of the course and are supposed to be watched in the week they are due. The material provided in these videos will be discussed in the [Zentraluebung = Q/A session] on the Monday after.

Progress of the current lecture (with exercises and solutions)

2) UEBUNGEN = Tutorien = Main EXERCISE sessions:
Monday, 10:15 - 11:45 am, A3/HS-001, provided by Christian Haase with LIVE ATTENDENCE (see the Whiteboard for updated information). Attending this class is mantadory.

The problems/exercise sheet due next (Serie 14)

The Friday-Quiz

3) Zentraluebung = Q/A session (starting on Monday, 10/24):
Monday, 12:15 - 13:45 in Arnimallee 6, SR 32. This class is provided by myself, with LIVE ATTENDENCE (not mantadory) - it is not available via webEx or VBrick. Here, we discuss the videos from the previous week. I will answer questions and comment selected aspects from these videos.

Criteria for ``regelmäßige'' and ``aktive Teilnahme'':

This is handled by Christian Haase alone. He will grade the exercise sheets and the QUIZ. The ``aktive Teilnahme'' is related to the weekly quiz only, and the ``regelmäßige Teilnahme'' is related to his excercise sessions mentioned above under (2). The Zentraluebung (provided by myself) is an additional offer and not mantadory.

Video streams and screen shots

Password: There is a password set for the videos - but this is ceased if you login via the FU-systems and if you are registered as an FU student.

Week 1, i.e. classes 1+2 (due 10/17 - 10/22) ==> Screenshots_001-006
Blackboards_001-002 (the first 4' are in German but will be summarized in English), Blackboards_003-004, Blackboards_005-006.

Week 2, i.e. classes 3+4 (due 10/24 - 10/29) ==> Screenshots_007-012
Blackboards_007-008, Blackboards_009-010, Blackboards_011-012,

Week 3, i.e. classes 5+6 (due 10/31 - 11/5) ==> Screenshots_013-018
Blackboards_013-014, Blackboards_015-016, Blackboards_017-018,

Week 4, i.e. classes 7+8 (due 11/7 - 11/12) ==> Screenshots_019-024
Blackboards_019-020, Blackboards_021-022, Blackboards_023-024,

Week 5, i.e. classes 9+10 (due 11/14 - 11/19) ==> Screenshots_025-030
Blackboards_025-026, Blackboards_027-028, Blackboards_029-030,

Week 6, i.e. classes 11+12 (due 11/21 - 11/26) ==> Screenshots_031-036
Blackboards_030-032, Blackboards_033-034, Blackboards_035-036,

Week 7, i.e. classes 13+14 (due 11/28 - 12/3) ==> Screenshots_037-042
Blackboards_037-038, Blackboards_039-040, Blackboards_041-042,

Week 8, i.e. classes 15+16 (due 12/5 - 12/10) ==> Screenshots_043-048
Blackboards_043-044, Blackboards_045-046, Blackboards_047-048,

Week 9, i.e. classes 17+18 (due 12/12 - 12/17) ==> Screenshots_049-054
Blackboards_049-050 (no sound in the first 3:44), Blackboards_051-052, Blackboards_053-054,

Week 10, i.e. classes 19+20 (due 1/2 2023 - 1/7 2023) ==> Screenshots_055-060
Blackboards_055_056, Blackboards_057_058, Blackboards_059_060,

Week 11, i.e. classes 21+22 (due 1/9 - 1/14) ==> Screenshots_061-068
Blackboards_061_062, Blackboards_063_064, Blackboards_065_066,

Week 12, i.e. classes 23+24 (due 1/16 - 1/21) ==> Screenshots_069-072
Blackboards_067_068, Blackboards_069_070, Blackboards_071_072,

Week 13, i.e. classes 25+26 (due 1/23 - 1/28) ==> Screenshots_073-078
Blackboards_073_074, Blackboards_075_076, Blackboards_077_078,

Week 14, i.e. classes 27+28 (due 1/30 - 2/4) ==> Screenshots_079-084
Blackboards_079_080, Blackboards_081_082, Blackboards_083_084,

Week 15, i.e. classes 29+30 (due 2/6 - 2/11) ==> Screenshots_085-090
Blackboards_085_086, Blackboards_087_088, Blackboards_089_090,


The first (written) exam is on Monday, 2/20 2023 at 12:00 am - 2:00 pm at Grosser Hoerssal in Takustr. 9. You have 90 minutes to answer the questions. It is not allowed to use any of your notes, nor a prepared sheet of paper. (Note that this is in contrast to some exams in earlier classes of mine.)

The repeat exam is on Monday, 4/3 2023 at 12-2pm.

If you really need help - here is some hints for the problems due next. Please do only use them after a serious effort done by yourselves.