Preprint No. A-98-03

Christine H. Müller, Andrej Pázman

Applications of necessary and sufficient conditions for maximin efficient designs

Abstract: General sufficient and necessary conditions for minimax design are here reconsidered in a form allowing application in various optimal design problems. In combination with the Elfving theorem they are used to find maximin efficient designs for a two-dimensional linear extrapolation, and to find the optimum design for estimating the maximum point of a quadratic response function with intercept. An alternative proof of a recently published relation between D-optimality and maximin efficiency is given. It is shown that for exponential growth curve models with one parameter, maximin efficient designs can not be one point designs. A similar result is obtained for growth curve models with two parameters.

Keywords: Optimal design, equivalence theorem, nonlinear models and aspects, position of extremes, exponential growth model

Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC91): 62K05 Optimal designs

Language: ENG


Contact: Müller, Christine H. ;Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Lotzestr. 13, D-37 083 Göttingen, Germany(

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