Sergey Mikhailovich Nikolískii Ė Citation for Honorary Life Membership

in ISAAC, August 25, 2001



Sergey M. Nikolískii is the author or coauthor of about 300 articles, 3 monographs and series of manuals in mathematics published in the past 75 years. About five months from his 98th birthday, he is still publishing with articles to appear and submitted.


Professor Nikolískii is the world-known leader of the Russian mathematical school on Function Theory and its applications. He has made significant contributions to several areas of interest to members of ISAAC, including Approximation Theory, Function Spaces and Partial Differential Equations with degeneration near the boundary, Quadrature Formulae, and OperatorTheory.


His work has appeared in leading journals such as Proceedings of the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Doklady and Izvestia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Mathematical Sbornik, and many others. He is one of the founders of the Refevativny Zhurnal Matematika, the Russian-Hungarian journal Analysis Mathematica, and a member of the editorial board of international mathematical journals in Russia, China, and Bulgaria.

Professor Nikolískii has contributed much to the study of asymptotics for approximation of functions from various classes via trigonometric and algebraic polynomials, he has established classical inequalities for entire functions of exponential type, which allowed him to construct the complete system of embeddings of spaces of differentiable functions and thus he can be said to be one of creators of this important branch in Analysis.


Professor Nikolískii was honoured by the Membership of the Academy of Sciences of USSR in 1968, he is a foreign member of the Polish and of the Hungarian Academy. He was an organizer of many mathematical events, including the ICM in Moscow (1966) and in Warsaw (1983).


He has been active in the service of the Mathematical Education Committee and has published several manuals in Analysis, Higher and Elementary Mathematics with co-authors, which are popular among students, pupils and teachers and are translated into several foreign languages.


Professor Nikolískii: The Society for Analysis, its Applications and Computation salutes you as well for your distinguished mathematical contributions as for your brilliant educational and editorialactivities in the field of mathematics, and is delighted to ask you to accept an Honorary Life Membership in the Society.


O.V. Besov