Technical Information

Internet access

There are several possible ways to get wireless internet access on campus:

  • The recommended method is to use eduroam. (For further information see below.)
  • Alternatively, we will provide all participants with a password for an unencrypted wireless network. Usage of a VPN with the unencrypted network access is encouraged.

Freie Universität Berlin provides an eduroam access (see for general information). If your home institution participates in the eduroam initiative, please set up your eduroam access as described by your institution before the conference and you can easily connect to the internet via eduroam here. Eduroam is the preferred access method. For reference, the local eduroam instructions of Freie Universität can be found here (in German).

generic wireless access
We will also provide an unencrypted wireless internet access via a general password.
The computer group information can be found under A password which is valid for all participants will be provided. As the connection will be unencrypted, usage of a VPN is encouraged. Your home institution might provide one for you.

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