Seminar/Proseminar: Introduction to Cryptography

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Organization: Lars Kindler
Date: Thursday, 4-6pm, Room: SR119/A3, Arnimallee 3

Veranstaltung im Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Preliminary meeting: Thursday, October 13 2016, 4pm, SR119, Arnimallee 3
For questions, comments, claiming talks, send an email to kindler - at -
or come to room 109, Arnimallee 3


Cryptography was originally concerned with encrypting messages and decrypting codes. Today, cryptography also encompasses, for instance, methods of authentification, signing messages, but also cryptographic hash functions or (pseudo-) randomness generators.

In this seminar we want to try to get a rough overview over these topics from a mainly theoretic point of view. However, we will also study famous examples from the “real world”.

We can adjust the emphasis of the seminar according to the interests and the level of the participants. Below you find a list of suggestions for possible topics for a talk. If you are interested in one of the topics or if you want to suggest another one, please drop me an email.



Main sources

Hoffstein-Pipher-Silverman. An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography, 1st Edition
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Hoffstein-Pipher-Silverman. An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography, 2nd Edition
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Katz-Lindell. Introduction to Modern Cryptography, 2nd Edition[1]
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Additional sources

Bleichenbacher. Chosen Cyphertext Attacks Against Protocols Based on the RSA Encryption Standard PKCS #1
Annual International Cryptology Conference, 1998, (pdf)
Klein. Attacks on the RC4 stream cipher
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Lecture notes by Goldwasser-Bellare. (pdf)
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available here

Talks (detailed descriptions)

20.10.Background material Lars
27.10.Perfect security, One-time pads Philip
03.11.Computational security Ulrike
10.11.Pseudorandom generators and stream ciphers Marie
17.11.Pseudorandom functions, permutations and block ciphers Matthias H.
24.11.One-way functions, one-way permutations Matthias K.
01.12.Modes of operation, CCA-security Maximilian
08.12.Message Authentication Codes (MACs) Simona
15.12.Public-Key cryptography, Diffie-Hellman Gheorghe
05.01.Public-Key encryption Cassandre
12.01.RSA, problems with “Plain RSA”, “Padded RSA” Eric
19.01.RSA PKCS #1 v1.5, Bleichenbacher’s attack, RSA-OAEP
26.01.Primality tests and generating random primes Fabian
02.02.Elliptic Curves
09.02.The discrete logarithm on elliptic curves
16.02.Diffie-Hellman and El Gamal on elliptic curves, Lenstra’s algorithm

  1. Unfortunately, there are quite substantial differences between the first and second edition.  ↩