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Louis Theran

Institut für Mathematik
Diskrete Geometrie
Freie Universität Berlin

About Me

Research Interests

I like to work on problems that feature an interaction between geometry, combinatorics, and algorithmic considerations. Very often I work on theoretical problems arising from applied settings. More specifically, I have worked quite a bit on the combinatorial theory of infinite, symmetric bar-joint frameworks, with applications in crystallography, and, recently, on combinatorial-algebraic approaches to inverse problems in machine learning.

Academic positions

9.2011–8.2014 (extendable):
Postdoctoral researcher in the Discrete Geometry Group at Freie Universität Berlin. (This position is supported by the ERC Advanced Grant Project SDModels (2010–2015) to Günter Ziegler.)
Research Assistant Professor (postdoctoral position) in the Geometry-Topology Group at Temple University. (This position was supported by NSF DMR-CDI grant 0835586 to Igor Rivin.)
Graduate student in the Computer Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, supervised by Ileana Streinu.

Research papers

My papers in (approximately) reverse chronological order. ArXiv and journal links (labeled "doi") are to the left. Click on the titles to show abstracts. Jump to: preprints; journal papers; conference papers.



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