What is ... a random graph?

This page hosts information on Adam Streck's talk "What is ... a random graph?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk will take place on Friday, May 9, 1:00pm at the BMS Loft at Urania. This talk will help you better understand the talk by Mario Arioli, which will start at 2pm.


Unsurprisingly, the random graph is a graph that has been constructed in a random manner. However, the exact nature of this construction is of interest as it has been shown that many real-world networks share the structural properties of particular sorts of randomly constructed networks. We will focus on the two most common approaches, Erdős–Rényi and Barabási-Albert models, and show some well known emergent patterns of these approaches. We will also refresh some of the graph-related notions that will be discussed in the following talk.


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