What is ... a shearlet?

This page hosts information on Antoine Laurain's talk "What is ... a shearlet?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk will take place on Friday, January 6, 1:00pm at the BMS Loft at Urania. This talk will help you better understand the talk by Gitta Kutyniok, which will start at 2pm.

We will again be ordering delivery pizza. If you would like to order pizza with us, please arrive to the "What is ...?" seminar by 12:45pm.


Shearlets were introduced as means to sparsely encode anisotropic singularities of multivariate data while providing a unified treatment of the continuous and digital realm. In this talk, recent results on the construction of compactly supported shearlet systems will be presented, in particular, showing that these shearlet frames provide optimally sparse approximations of piecewise smooth 2D as well as 3D functions. Finally, we will discuss various applications of shearlets such as image restoration, data separation and numerical PDEs.


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