What is ... an Ehrhard Polynomial?

This page hosts information on Hannes Pollehn's talk "What is ... an Ehrhard Polynomial?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk will take place on Friday, October 31 , 1:00pm at the BMS Loft at Urania. This talk will help you better understand the talk by Martin Henk, which will start at 2pm.


A lattice polygon is a shape in the plane bounded by a sequence of line segments \overline{v_1 v_2},\ldots,\overline{v_{k-1} v_k}, where the vertices v_i have integral coordinates. Georg Alexander Pick described a relation between the area of the polygon and the number of lattice points contained in the polygon by a formula which is now known as Pick's Theorem. Ehrhart later generalized this result to higher dimensions, which is now an important tool in the field of Geometry of Numbers.


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