What is ... a palindromic eigenvalue problem?

This page hosts information on Christian Schröder's talk "What is ... a palindromic eigenvalue problem?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk will take place on Friday, February 15, 4:00pm at TU, MA 313.

*Please note the talk will not be held in the usual room.*


"Mom", "Dad", "I prefer pi", and " A man, a plan, a canal - Panama" are palindromes - they can be read form left to right and vice versa. Analogously, a polynomial is palindromic if its sequence of coefficients is the same in both directions (i.e., $2x^4 + 7x^3 + 5x^2 + 7x + 2$). In just a few more small steps, we get to palindromic matrix polynomials and their corresponding eigenvalue problems. The talk will be on palindromic eigenvalue problems: their introduction, where they arise, their properties and suitable algorithms.


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