What is ... the spacetime constraints paradigm?

This page hosts information on Christoph von Tycowicz's talk "What is ... the spacetime constraints paradigm?" at the "What is ...?" seminar. The talk will take place on Friday, January 24, 4:00pm at FU Arnimallee 6, SR 031.


Creating motions of objects or characters that are physically plausible and follow an animator’s intent is a key task in computer animation. The spacetime constraints paradigm is a valuable approach to this problem. It computes optimal physical trajectories that are solutions of a variational spacetime problem. Such techniques calculate acting forces that minimize an objective functional while guaranteeing that the resulting motion satisfies prescribed spacetime constraints, e.g., interpolates a set of keyframes. Resulting forces are optimally distributed over the whole animation and show effects like squash-and-stretch, timing, or anticipation that are desired in animation.

In this talk, we give an introduction to spacetime constraints and - if time permits - sketch a recent approach to interactive spacetime optimization for deformable objects.


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